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_Surface - Parachute Nylon 100%
_ Black

_Water repellent
_YKK® Aqua guard(WR) auto lock zip
_Chest adjustments ladder lock
_Chest adjustments D ring
_Webbing lock sewing
_Pocket - 3
_Quick dry
_Three-Dimensional Structure Pattern
_Only hand wash
It is a lightweight product as a parachute or parachute fabric. Waterproof windproof, of course, provides comfort.
I've always thought that buying a summer outer in a country with four distinct seasons wasn't really reasonable.
I wondered how to make products that are more stable and have storage space. In this way, let's make a purchase in the summer so that you can wear four seasons.
I divided the clothes. This product is well suited not only for summer, but also for our clothes, as well as all the products in your closet. Given that this season is summer
It is designed not to resist the circulation of air, and is made of lightweight material and is very light.
The main pocket is a WR zip for more secure storage, and the rear WR zip shows the size of a pad and 11 inches. The advantage is that documents can be stored without getting wet or wrinkled.
The adjustment of the ladder lock allows adjustment according to the jacket length and coat length.
There are two sizes, but there is no significant difference. However, if the height is over 180cm, 2 sizes are recommended.
_2/1Chest - FREE 
_Shoulder - FREE  
_Length - 38cm


_2/1Chest - FREE
_Shoulder - FREE 
_Length - 40cm


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$50Sale Price