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_Surface=2LAYER POLYESTER PE 90% PU 10%
_Linning Ripstop POLYESTER PE 100%

_ Black

_Water repellent
_R.A.F Button
_YKK® 4.5C Front Zip
_Waist darts
_Front 2 tuk
_Side rubber band
_Pocket - 4
_Three-Dimensional Structure Pattern
_Only hand wash
Water-repellent on the outside, lip stop on the back of the fabric to prevent moisture inside and prevent tearing
RAF button is applied to the main button. Basically, water-repellent function is added, and the sewing detail of the product is made by Seam out cut.
When designing these pants, it was designed from the idea that it would be a product that can be worn even in a slightly formal place.
There is no belt loop, but it prevents the bands on both sides from flowing down. You can choose the size that suits your length rather than the waist.
Even when running, walking, or doing big activities, the pants won't resist. Rather, it is comfortable and active even when compared with all products.
Even if you sit for a long time, the wrinkle-free function makes it comfortable to wear without wrinkles.

1 (XS~S 27~30)
_2/1Waist - free  
_Crotch - 30cm 
_Out seam - 100cm
_Hem - 18 cm


2 (S~M 29~32)
_2/1Waist - free 
_Crotch - 31cm 
_Out seam - 103cm
_Hem - 19cm


3 (L~XL 31~35)
_2/1Waist - free
_Crotch - 31cm 
_Out seam - 105cm
_Hem - 19cm



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