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_ Garbardine Cotton 100%



_ Black



_YKK® Michel Spring Snap

_YKK® 4.5C Front Zip

_Knee 2Darts, 2Pintucks

_Hip guards

_3D Wide 3Panels Cargo Pocket

_Pocket - 6

_Three-Dimensional Structure Pattern

_Only Dry , Hand Wash






It was the most popular product throughout the summer season. The decision was made to re-release, and the fabric is shorts featuring stiff gabardine. The back hip guard protects the body and clothes from being damaged when sitting for a long time or when rubbing. When picking up things or when carrying a cell phone or wallet With the emphasis on using your left hand more surprisingly, the diagonal slant pocket on the left makes it easier and faster to store. As a wide 3-panel pocket, it is designed to store many things. Especially, the knee darts and pin tucks break the visual simplification of shorts. When worn, it naturally changes to a three-dimensional shape, and is especially comfortable during activities.





46(1) (27~31)

_Waist - 39 cm , Crotch - 36 cm , Out seam - 60 cm, Hem - 26 cm


48(2) (31~33)

_Waist - 41 cm , Crotch - 37 cm , Out seam - 63 cm, Hem - 27 cm


50(3) (33~35)

_Waist - 43 cm , Crotch - 38 cm , Out seam - 65 cm, Hem - 28 cm


$120 Regular Price
$80Sale Price

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