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_Surface=ULTRA HD GABARDINE CO 100% (Ventile by Daiwabo JP)
_Linning=SPANDEX NYLON 100%

_ Black

_Water repellent 
_YKK® Vislon zip
_YKK® Reverse coil zip
_Air circulation sys
_Pocket -6
_Three-Dimensional Structure Pattern
_Only hand wash

_100% cotton ultra-high density fabric that is both water and wind resistant
and permeable and breathable. Ventile is an ultra-high density fabric developed as a
water resistant lothing for the Royal Air Force pilots to protect life in cold seas,
but is 100%cotton, but it has a large number of strikes and swells when immersed in water
water resistant waterproofing effect is exhibited. it is also highly breathable ,and it is refreshing to wear
it has excellent properties, blocking water frome the outside and letting water vapor out of the water
water vapor droplet cross section


The AJ-5 Ventile adds an air circulation system, or air circulation, that is the first to be applied during the Ventile series and OW.
Ventilation is perfect windproof, so when the body temperature is high, the lining absorbs heat and exhausts heat into the circulation space of the back panel. This means that cold air
When it is introduced, it is changed to warm air circulation.
The pocket is 3D multi-pocket and consists of two large pockets in front of the front, two versatile pockets on both sides and a main pocket.
No hood is added, but can be combined with AJ-4 and AJ-6 hoods.


_2/1Chest - 70cm  
_Shoulder + Arm - 82cm 
_Length - 70cm


_2/1Chest - 72cm  
_Shoulder + Arm - 85cm 
_Length - 72cm


_2/1Chest - 74cm  
_Shoulder + Arm - 88cm 
_Length - 74cm


AJ-5 Ventile


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